The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation & Campus Pride

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The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation joins together in Strategic Long-term Partnership with Campus Pride

Both organizations will continue as its own, separate 501(c)3 with separate governing boards and reporting structures; formal agreement expected in 90 days

Atlanta, GA – On Wednesday, November 14, the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation shared plans for a new strategic alliance between the StandUp Foundation and Campus Pride at the Compete Sports Diversity Awards & StandUp Magazine Launch in Atlanta, GA. The two 501c3 non-profits announced a long-term partnership to join together under the StandUp name to help focus messages, programming and joint fundraising efforts.

Since 2001, Campus Pride has served as the nation’s leading educational organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and ally college students and campus groups. Under the new name StandUp Campus Pride, the organization will continue its work as the nation’s most respected LGBT campus authority providing valuable leadership training and social justice tools to create safer, more LGBT-friendly colleges and universities.

“Campus Pride and our mission and values align perfectly with the StandUp Foundation. Together we can more powerfully collaborate across communities and campuses to build awareness, raise funds, provide resources and improve lives for young people.” said Shane Windmeyer, Founder/Executive Director of Campus Pride. “There is no doubt that this long-term partnership will enhance our national footprint among donors, grant-makers and corporations to recognize and fund the life-changing work we do.”

Windmeyer states that the partnership is not a merger. Campus Pride will remain in its national home base of Charlotte, NC and each organization will continue as its own, separate 501c3 with separate governing boards and reporting structures. Both organizations will use the StandUp name to leverage awareness and reach of the StandUp name while also extending it to college and university audiences.

“By pairing the grant-making role of StandUp and the operating role of Campus Pride, the two 501c3 non-profits can have greater, more comprehensive impact on those organizations and campuses doing real-world work to eliminate discrimination, bullying and anti-LGBT bias and prejudice from everyday life,” said Alison Doerfler, Executive Director of the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. “At the end of the day, our collective work is about how we create a kinder, more inclusive world for all,”

The StandUp Foundation has previously supported the work of Campus Pride through both operating and programmatic grants. This strategic partnership helps both organizations focus on programming and joint fundraising efforts to increase outreach and effectiveness to benefit young people.