Bullying Comes In Many Forms…

The definition of bullying is an important place to start. We are proud to have content partners who are supportive of our mission to collaborate and educate. Our materials and references are supported by:

  • Anti Defamation League – Southeast Region
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Microsoft
  • Bullying At School

  • Understanding Bullying
  • Ten Things Students Wish Teachers Knew About Name-Calling & Bullying
  • Zero Indifference: A Guide to Stop Name-calling & Bullying
  • A Student’s Guide to Stopping Name‐Calling and Bullying
  • Online Bullying

  • Online bullying: identifying target, bully and bystander behavior
  • Online Bullying Quiz
  • Online safety research
  • Help Kids Stand Up to Online Bullying
  • Additional Helpful Resources

  • Stop – one-stop access to U.S. Government information on bullying topics
  • Stop – information for kids
  • Homeroom – the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education
  • Youth Leaders Toolkit – resources for teens who want to help younger children
    launch a bullying prevention project
  • National School Climate Center – national organization that helps schools integrate crucial social and emotional learning with academic instruction
  • MSN Causes recent issue on bullying prevention

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