Online Fundraising Tools


Grassroots Fundraising

The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is set up on First Giving to be the beneficiary of grassroots events that our fans and followers might want to host. It is as easy as clicking here to set it up and spread the word!

If you are located in the U.K., we are set up on MyDonate.

Fundraising Ideas

  • You are running in a marathon and want to collect donations for the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation
  • You are celebrating a personal event like a birthday or wedding, and are asking for donations in lieu of gifts to benefit the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation
  • Someone that felt strongly about the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation or anti-bullying efforts has passed away and family/friends would like to set up a page for donations to the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation in their memory.
  • You have a creative idea for fundraising – maybe you will be shaving your head or walking across your state or doing a dance marathon and would like to raise money for the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation
  • We know that fundraisers can be really creative! If you would like additional ideas and tips on how to make a grassroots fundraising page on behalf of the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, read more at First Giving or MyDonate.