Appearances & Speaking Engagements

Ben Cohen has become one of the most sought after public figures speaking up and speaking out on the topic of bullying. His simple, grounded belief in respecting others has lead to the creation of the StandUp Foundation and has inspired countless others to take notice. Mr. Cohen speaks with corporations, colleges, schools and other organizations and has appeared at a number of international PRIDE events and parades.

About Ben Cohen, MBE

Ben Cohen, MBE, is among the world’s greatest athletes. He is an England Rugby World Cup champion, and second in all-time scoring for his country. He is first among straight athletes to focus his philanthropic efforts for the benefit of LGBT people. In May 2011, Mr. Cohen retired at the top of his game to found the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. As Chairman of the Foundation, Mr. Cohen travels worldwide speaking to students and corporations about the importance of character, respect and equality in creating a kinder world. The cause is close to his heart, as Mr. Cohen’s own father was beaten to death when he stood up for an employee who was being attacked. Mr. Cohen has reached millions of people with his message through global media coverage, films and nearly 300,000 followers on social media. With his leadership, cities across the United States have passed StandUp declarations, calling for an end to bullying. Working with the UK Home Office, he has led the charge for the StandUp Charter to end homophobia across sports in his country, including broad adoption to date in soccer, rugby and tennis.

Titles/Examples of Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Strong Bodies, Strong Character: Building Inclusive Leadership Teams
  • I stand up against bullying. Will you?
  • True Champions Stand Up
  • Allies Are Essential
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