True Champions StandUp

The key to really changing culture is making this a brand that people can incorporate into their daily lives.

Shop the Brand

StandUp branded merchandise is the first step to doing that. We hope to build a powerful social-commerce brand, like Livestrong or (RED), to unlock profits that are donated to help people who are bullied. The StandUp brand engages the consumer marketplace to fund social change. Profits are shared with the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.

Support the Cause

This is the right message and the right brand at the right moment in our culture. The anti-bullying platform is universal, and people will be able to support it in a number of ways, from donating to shopping to attending events to activating on social media.

Stop the Bullying

The Foundation will help coordinate and fund specific anti-bullying programs led by a variety of other non-profit organizations in both the United States and the UK. This work is essential, critical and ongoing.